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    Camouflage tower

    Camouflage tower belongs to communication tower technology. It can coordinate with surroundings, so the problem “difficult to install tower”of scenic area is solved effectively. Bionic tree is plasticity object made by synthetic resin (as binde) and advanced chemicals. These objects are used for sculpture base materials, such as tree stem, branch knot, tree bark, tree root, etc. By spraying senior acrylic coating, they can embellish and protect the surface, and enhance its durability, in this way, it can keep them fastness in 5 years, indehiscent and not falling in 10 years. Meanwhile, it can be sprayed for the second time.


    Maintaining all the advantages of single tube tower, camouflage tower makes a great breakthrough and improvement in the appearance. We make the bionic tower look like real pine, camphor tree by designing sketch and the computerized picture, sculpturing and painting process, thereby the existence of tower, is not realized, and put it into the surrounding natural environment.

    Design specification:



    Wind pressure

    0~1kN/m2 (Chinese standard, other country's standard may change based on it)

    Wind speed

    0~180km/h (American standard 3s gust)

    Foundation type

    Independent foundation/Raft foundation/Pile foundation

    Environment condition

    Soft ground/Mountain groud


    Single pole

    Quality system

    ISO 9001:2008/TL9000

    Design standard

    Chinese relative regulation/American standard G/American standard F




    Hot dip galvanization (86μm/65μm)

    Connection structure

    Flange/ Plugging




    1. Exquisite structure and gorgeous appearance. On base of actual plant, the bionic tower looks like a real one, plus the meticulous design, when placed among the real trees in sightseeing area, park, and square, it will be a part of the nature. The novel and unique large wire frame takes place of the traditional platform. Hidden in the leaves, so they will not affect the beauty of tower.

    2. Strong structural stability and excellent technology. Tower footing adopts independent reinforced concrete structure, so the tower can effectively avoid uneven subsidence of foundation. Fixed splint for feeder wires is equipped inside the tower to prevent the feeder wires from sun, rain and wind, effectively solve damage factor, thereby extend their working life. Every section of tower body is connected by fine finishing inner flange, this design can guarantee the concentricity and perpendicularity, and avoid security risks of other connecting way

    3. Small area covering and great economic effect. Tower adopts conical tube structure with area of 1-2 square meters, and foundation area of 4-6 square meters. Meanwhile there is no need to build base station walls, so it will save land resources and the cost(especially in town).

    4. Long working life and lasting appearance effect. Owing to the relatively small force outside, rational structure and good materials, service life of the tower is longer. On the surface we adopt hot galvanization technology, so the tower has good corrosion resistance performance. Meanwhile, on the surface are simulated tree barks, like simulated leaves, which are made of advanced composite materials with waterproof, fireproofing and anticorrosion performance, so they can maintain the appearance without exfoliation.

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